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Expert Witness Services

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Expert Witness Services

An expert witness is someone who has a special knowledge, skill, or experience in a given subject. Davis Inspection Services provides expert witness services which is designed for anyone who needs help in resolving issues. Examples include but are not limited to problem/resolution related to faulty or negligent work done by a contractor, trades person or faulty negligent services provided by a home inspector. Ric Davis and Doug Davis have years of experience working in the capacity of an expert witness. Testimony given by Ric Davis or Doug Davis regarding their report, training and experience constitutes expert evidence or expert testimony. They can provide a full range of legal services for plaintiff or defendants needs. These services can include investigations, evidence gathering, photographic evidence, documentation, depositions, document review and preparations, and report preparation and presentations. These services are billed on an hourly bases of $265.00 per hour and minimum of 3 hours to facilitate scheduling.

Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Having Problems With A Contractor


Don't Lose Your Temper

Don't lose your temper or composure.



Keep accurate records of all events and communications.


Keep Records

Keep a record of all phone conversations, including date, time and items discussed.


Contact an Attorney

Until advised by an attorney, never fire the contractor.


In Writing

Get everything in writing if possible and keep these records.


Record Payments

Keep a record of all payments.

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