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Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Inspection & Testing

We will not unnecessarily alarm you. We inspect and test, not mitigate therefore we have no financial interest in the discovery of mold. You are assured that the inspection and testing is unbiased. Our only interest is helping you to determine if you have a problem and if so, the cause and resolution. 

We can perform a visual inspection to evaluate a known mold or suspected mold problem. We will evaluate the building for the cause or source of a mold problem. We will also inspect the building for conditions that may exist that are conducive to future mold problems. When visible mold is found, samples will be collected using adhesion, swab or bulk methods and cultured for fungal analysis. Air quality testing is performed as needed or requested by client. The air quality test will determine if there is contamination or elevated levels of mold in the building. 

You can also benefit from our in-depth information about mold and other indoor air quality problems, air quality investigation methods, and remediation procedures such as mold cleanup, handling toxic mold contamination, and building repairs. We can be involved and supervise the remediation for you. We will make sure the contractor you have chosen is performing the highest level of quality service to assure your job is done correctly and your risk of reoccurrence or further contamination is reduced. The final inspection of the remediation area will include air sampling to determine if the cleanup was successful.

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4 Common Mold Services We Provide

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