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Industrial Inspections

What is an industrial inspection?

We inspect factories, manufacturing and assembly facilities, Our industrial inspections are performed to CCPIA Standards of Practice (Click here for a copy of the standards) and are tailored to meet the needs of purchasers, owners, tenants and landlords and include items such as:

Foundation -- construction, walls, floors 
Roof -- covering, flashing, chimneys, drainage 
Attic -- ventilation, vapor barriers 
Insulation -- type, amount 
Interior Spaces -- Walls, Floors, Rooms, Offices, Kitchens, Washrooms Exterior -- Site, Walls, Windows & Doors 
Electrical & Plumbing Systems 
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

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The industrial inspections are commonly referred to as PCA (Property Condition Assessments). Other services we can provide with commercial and industrial inspections include: 

Safety concerns for fire & other hazards 
Cost estimates for repairs and modifications 
Annual maintenance costs 
Parking facilities 
Recreational facilities 
Environmental inspections 
Expert witness services 

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